Review: Sonic!!

I have a deep and profound love for Sonic! Especially when all I want is fast food. I fell in love during my brief year in college in Missouri. It doesn’t help that I have a Sonic literally one block from my apartment building…and that they have Happy Hour (1/2 price drinks between 2 and 4 pm). Sonic is designed to look and act like a retro drive-up fast food restaurant. They serve mostly hot dogs (coneys – as seen on the left), hamburgers, chicken and lots of lots of dessert options. I’ve got a thing for their Lemon Berry Slush (left – its strawberries and lemons in a slushy format) as well as their chili dogs. Doesn’t it look good??

Yes, I’m a foodie and fast food usually doesn’t do it for me, but Sonic is not your average fast food. Unlike a lot of places they leave you filled and not craving more. If you haven’t tried it, try it ASAP. You won’t regret it!

Ok…so not much of a “review” but one of the food loves in my life and I had to share it!!


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