Exploring Cookbooks: 1968 Time Life Foods of the World – The Cooking of Italy

I’ve already written the (semi) complete history of these books. This edition was written by Waverly Root.

I have only used this book occasionally. I rarely cook Italian even though I really like it (no capers please!) – usually its reserved for a restaurant visit. I’m not sure why.

With this post I am out of Time-Life Foods of the World Cookbooks to display, for the moment anyway. I would like to add to the collection in the future, and if I do, I will definitely post it. This has been interesting exploring this series – I have forgotten how many great recipes there are in here and have overlooked for some reason or other. I have been attempting to add a few more to my reportoire for the future, so you may see the completed recipes posted one day.

As always if you see a page you would like to see in better detail (on this or any of my cookbooks), drop me a line (my email address is on my About Me page) and I will get back to you.

Each image links to a larger picture if you want to read or use the recipe.


Each spiral bound book measures 9 inches by 6 inches and is about 1/4 inch thick.

More photos, recipes and information after the jump…


Zuppa di Pesce – fish soup and Zuppa di Cozze – mussel soup. I *LOVE* mussels and am going to make this in the early part of Fall, when it just starts to get chilly again.


Frittata alla Sardegnola – zucchini omelet and an authentic Pizza recipe! Before this recipe your talking about something akin to white bread and tomato paste passing as pizza in a lot of American homes.


Riso al Limone – boiled rice with lemon and Suppli al Telefeno – deep fried rice and cheese balls on the left. Risi e Bisi – braised rice and peas and authentic Polenta on the right.


Polenta Pasticciata – polenta with cream sauce and mushrooms and the famous Lasagne Pasticciate – baked Lasagne with meat and cream sauce.


Peperoni Imbottiti – baked stuffed peppers on the left. On the right is a classic and basic pasta sauce Salsa Pizzaiola – tomato and garlic sauce.


A few classic sauces: Salsa Verde – piquant green sauce, Salsa di Pomodori – tomato sauce and Ragu Bolognese – North Italian Meat Sauce.


Vitella alla Sarda – braised veal with tomato sauce and black olives and Polpette alla Casalinga – meatballs.


Gelati – ice cream and SO good! But since I usually buy mine pre-made from Whole Foods I should give this recipe a chance.


Panettone – coffee cake. This is a fantastic recipe to make for Christmas, and is very traditional. On the right Pesche Ripiene – fresh peaches stuffed with macaroons.



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6 responses to “Exploring Cookbooks: 1968 Time Life Foods of the World – The Cooking of Italy

  1. Anne Hussey

    lost our cookbooks when we moved and have frantically been trying to find this 1968 Italian cookbook. we feel the classic tomato sauce from this source is the best we ever found. would it be possible to obtain it from you?
    thank you

  2. karmatir

    Actually the 6th picture down includes the recipe for the basic tomato sauce. Left hand side, bottom part of the page. Unless you want the Tomato and Garlic sauce. Its the same as above except you throw in: 1/2 tablespoon finely chopped garlic, 1/2 tablespoon dried oregano, and a bay leaf. Prepared the same way as the classic tomato sauce.

  3. I love the internet. I was just thinking about this book and wishing that I could read it again. I have it stored somewhere back in the States. I made a video of how to make mussel soup, a recipe I learned from this book years ago. Thanks.

  4. Carol Macaluso

    From this cookbook I am looking for a recipe for the Osso Bucco.

    Can you help?

  5. susan m.

    I have the cooking of Italy book (hardcover) by time life i happened to come upon it in a used book store I was thrilled to find it,only one thing though it didn’t have the spiral bound companion book that goes with the hardcovered book.do you know of anywhere I can find just the cooking of italy spiral bound book? Thanks 🙂

  6. richard

    dear friend indeed…amazing…i am also seeking this very same book……! i went to a restaurant recently and as i left the table it was the last time i saw this wonderful…book which obviously had been painstakingly put together with love and care…i read it day and night over and over again…now what do we do? thanks richard

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