Organization: A -quick- revisited look at my Bento organization

I wrote about my organization previously; I have since acquired A LOT more bento items (thank you Ichiban Kan!) and had to update my methods and storage a bit. Its not too different, but different enough that I thought an updated post was warranted. Especially now that I actually own STUFF – most especially with the latest Ichiban Kan order. I swear that store will be the death of all my disposable income so long as they have great bento items to buy. I’m grateful I’m not near one of their stores in person or who knows how much of my money they would end up with!?

First up my bags and napkins (kinchaku and furoshiki):

The bags and napkins are just laying within this metal bin (Target Dollar Spot) for easy “grab and go”. And because I bring additional items besides just the bento box sometimes 2 bags are needed, its nice to have them all at my finger tips so I can decide which I am going to use.

More after the jump…

I still use the the same snap together boxes I bought at Target from the first post but they are organized a little differently now.

Very soon I suspect I am going to have to buy another small set to add on top of all this – depends on what I end up buying and adding to the mix.

They are stored in order from top to bottom, right to left – rice molds and food picks (which I rarely use); egg molds; sauce bottles, containers, cups, etc; silicon cups, paper cups and baran; most used eating utensils and extra elastic bands; extra utensils.

Again they are stored in order from top to bottom, right to left – Empty for now except for chopsticks I couldn’t fit in anywhere else and 2 oshibori containers with cloths; Everything Lube Sheep – the Clickity Clik onigiri containers, pink and blue Tenmari sets and red Urara sets, all collapsed, and my lone Liberty bento box; Natural Lunch line oval 2 tier boxes, water bottles and plastic rabbit “lacquered” boxes; Lock & Lock and small plastic side car containers. A few items were missing (Lock & Lock and Snapware boxes) as they were ready to be washed at the time the picture was taken. All elastic bands are stored with their respective box, usually off and inside the box to cut back on the chance of having the elastic stretch.

Once this gets full I am going to have to add either another set of boxes to it or start getting rid of things. I’m not sure which at this point but this is TOO many boxes for ONE person!!

My boxes are lined up next to each other on a shelf in my kitchen on one of these:

No I won’t display what it actually looks like as my kitchen is a wreck at the moment, and this shelving unit looks even worse – but I can find everything stored on it just fine. 🙂 Mine is a 3 shelver so I can use the top as additional work/counter space.

For more great ideas this woman uses a very similar method of organization that I was impressed with. But then again I firmly believe in being organized, I like finding what I need when I need it.


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