New: Ichiban Kan Online Order #3

Sigh…I have to put numbers next to these orders now. How much of my money are they going to end up with?! And because of all these new items, on this order and the last, I had to re-organize my bento and bento accessories storage methods – I’ll be posting that shortly so stay tuned! Now on to the fun!

Like before the order came within a week and was packaged very well. They know what they are doing and not much has changed! A+ as always! It helps that I buy mostly plastic items!

Up first is all of the Natural Lunch line – drink bottles, a green and a beige bento box (different than ones I currently own), bags, belts and eating utensils. One of these bottles is going to live permanently at work (due to regulations regarding our liquid refreshment containers) so I don’t have to worry about storing all of them.

I bought these so I would have an almost “formal” set for occasions when the regular kawaii stuff is too much or not appropriate or I when I just want something a little different. I have a weakness for chopsticks so I ended up buying a few more pairs too.

These are some plastic side cars as I have been really unhappy about using the Gladware ones – they just aren’t the right size or shape for a lot of things. These should really help. I think I will need to get some bigger ones too though – the round ones are 70 ml, the middle square are 100 ml and the larger 3 are 180 ml. Which is great for most items, but sometimes I want to bring fruit and these containers are not large enough for a sliced apple or sectioned orange. I guess that means I have to order more. 🙂

Add don’t you just *love* the little guy on the tape? Too cute!!

Now on to the leftovers! Another blue Tenmari belt (felt like I needed a second one), disposable mayo cups because they are so gosh darn cute, some mini sauce bottles, a cute little bento eraser set, a card case, hair ties, and the pièce de résistance: tabi socks! I love tabis! And yes I was looking forward to everything else I bought…but not as much as these! I know I’m a dork, so feel free to comment as such.



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3 responses to “New: Ichiban Kan Online Order #3

  1. vigilant20

    At least it’s a nice cheap place to order from. I really wanted a Mamegoma one and I could only find the whole set at shopkawaii. It would have cost $60 just for that. I ended up ordering 3 whole sets and a couple accessories from ichiban kan for half that! Can’t wait until they get here!

  2. karmatir

    That is true! This order was only about $40 and I got A LOT more stuff than that same $40 elsewhere.

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