New: Ichiban Kan Purchases #2

Yup, another order from Ichiban Kan. They got in a few things I really wanted and while there I added other stuff I didn’t need but still love! Just like last time it came well packaged and fast – a week from the time I ordered to receiving it.

The Tenmari blue lunch box, elastic band and kinchaku (bag) along with a pink Tenmari kinchaku and 2 elastic bands (just so I have an extra one). I already have the pink Tenmari box, chopsticks & case, furoshiki and insulated bag but I have wanted to flush out the set for awhile now. I really need to stay away from Lube Sheep 2 tier boxes however…I’ve got 3 and other than the pattern they are pretty much interchangeable!

More pictures of stuff after the jump…

Egg molds…why? No Idea, but I think they are fun! A rice mold as you can never have enough of those! Along with a few food cups (to fit inside the bento boxes), sauce bottles, plastic spoons, plastic forks, and food picks.

I also got a U*SA*HA*NA themed furoshiki and a kinchaku (bag) – I like Sanrio characters…not too kawaii (for me) otherwise I would have to puke I think!

And the leftover, non-foodie or bento items – a bamboo butter spreader (okay so that is foodie, just forgot to stick it with the other stuff), a neck strap for my digital camera, 2 different kinds of pens (again, I have a thing for pens especially good ones), a sushi keychain, a waist bag and a shoulder bag.

Time to put them all to good use!!



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2 responses to “New: Ichiban Kan Purchases #2

  1. You’re killin’ me. I’ve resisted – but I feel my will waning…

  2. karmatir

    I know!! And I’m fixing to order some more within the next few days I think. I’m surprised I haven’t spent more money than I already have!!

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