Recipes: Pommes Frites & Spicy Mayo Sauce

Pommes frites are just french fries – but since I don’t make them like traditional french fries I like to differentiate them so I can keep the recipes separate. Not only that but by using the term pommes frites I tend to think of them in a slightly better frame of mind, foodie wise, than french fries (which seem so McDonald’s like to me).

This is a twist on a very classic worldwide pairing – mayo (or even mayo and ketchup mixed together) with fries is VERY traditional, its not overly common here in the USA however. So try it next time if you haven’t yet. Its wonderful! Nearly everyone I have urged to try it loves it, they just never heard of it before.

In parts of Utah, Nevada and the Northwest USA there is a popular sauce usually called fry sauce (with a recipe here). My paternal grandparents and a few members of my extended family lived in Utah and then Oregon for a long time when I was a kid (and a chunk of them still live there) so I am familiar with it and always have been, I like it just fine, but its about the spicy for me!! Plain ketchup mixed in just isn’t enough spice.

Just combine and chill:

2/3 cup mayonnaise
1 1/2 teaspoons paprika
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
pinch of salt
pinch of granulated sugar

Now on to the pommes frites!

I try to always use russet potatoes as they produce the best fried fry. Anything else doesn’t get as crispy or dehydrates leaving only a shell behind. The only exception would be sweet potatoes, which make fantastic fries.

I soak them in cold water to remove the excess starch and then pat them dry. At this point I do a slow fry (a medium type of temperature). From here you can continue to do a quick, hot fry or you can freeze them and fry them at a later point.

Either way more in depth information is available here:

How to fry a perfect french fry tutorial
Another tutorial

The only real difference between my method and any you may find online is instead of sprinkling with salt at the end, I sprinkle with seasoning salt. It gives it a big kick that salt can not compete with!!



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5 responses to “Recipes: Pommes Frites & Spicy Mayo Sauce

  1. Kelsey

    This is the best sauce ever. My husband and I put it on top of a portabella mushroom burger that we made and it really took it to the next level of deliciousness! Great recipe!

  2. This sauce is sooooo goood and quick and easy!! We had some fries for dinner tonight, but we had no ketchup left so I decided to use this. I had all the ingredients already in my pantry except the lemon so I just substituted with lime juice and it was great. Thank you for such a simple but delicious recipe.

    Also, thanks for the picture! I had accidently used just half a tsp of paprika and when I mixed it, I realized it was not as orangey as the picture so I reread the recipe and was able to fix it.

  3. rod ellwood

    best sauce ever had fry sauce in utah loved it then but this is so much better love ya for sharing it

  4. We love mixing ketchup w/ mayo. Hubby has been using both for fries for years. I have a sauce similar to this that I use for steak kebabs…so good.

    We discovered pomme frittes in Amsterdam back in our college days. They were so good that we ate them daily. 😉

  5. After a year and I’m back again! First time I tried it, I forgot to bookmark this recipe so it took me forever to find this recipe again! Googling “fry sauce” was no help at all because there is no recipe out there that’s like yours! This is the best sauce ever! and seriously addicting.

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