Exploring Cookbooks: 1968 Time Life Foods of the World – Chinese Cooking

I’ve already written the (semi) complete history of this series of books. This one was written by Emily Hahn.

Each image links to a larger picture if you want to read or use the recipe.


Each spiral bound book measures 9 inches by 6 inches and is about 1/4 inch thick. And this one was well used before I got to it – its been well used since by me.
More after the cut including full photos of select pages.


Deep Fried Wonton Filled with Pork and Shrimp on the left. On the right Wonton Wrappers.


Egg Rolls with Shrimp and Pork


Steamed buns with date filling, steamed buns with roast pork filling and boiled or fried pork dumplings.


How to fold dumplings.


Bird’s Nest Soup and Wonton Soup


Fresh lotus root salad and cucumber salad with spicy dressing on the left. Watercress and water chestnut salad and celery and dried shrimp salad on the right.


Stir-fried sea scallops and pork kidneys and deep-fried shrimp balls. So healthy!!


Lion’s Head and Roast Pork Strips.


Sweet and sour pork and red-cooked pork shoulder.


Stir-fried chicken with pine nuts and hot peppers on the left. Tea leaf eggs on the right. I’ve been meaning to make these for my bento boxes.


Minced squab with oyster sauce and smoked eggs – another recipe I’ve been meaning to make for my bento boxes.


Hot orange pudding and watermelon shells filled with fruit on the left. Almond cookies and Chinese tea on the right.


Index and guide to ingredients, which is not nearly so important now as in 1968.


How to use Chinese recipes – a very informative article.


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  1. carole

    I have been looking for this cookbook for years. I had it, moved, and lost it. It was absolulely wonderful. Is there anyplace I can still buy it?

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