New: Target Dollar Spot Purchase

I found these at my local Target Dollar Spot. The only kind I found, no other styles or designs or characters. Guess its a good thing I still like Strawberry Shortcake! They fill up very nicely and will fit (2) Lock & Lock sandwich boxes with room to spare, so they are very roomy. Definitely bigger than a traditional Japanese kinchaku. Its made of nylon and has a narrow strip of velcro keeping it closed. They do have flat rectangular bottoms to allow for a flat transport of your boxes or containers.

Worth every penny of the dollar I spent!



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3 responses to “New: Target Dollar Spot Purchase

  1. They normally have a these with a new character every time they change out the stuff at the Dollar Spot. I have a couple of them, they’re very handy for toting lunch along with water bottle and a piece of fruit 🙂

  2. Don’t you love the dollar spot? I hate to admit this, but I bought the strawberry shortcake lipgloss tin from the dollar spot last week, for myself, lol! I used to love those lipgloss tins when I was a kid, so I bought it.

    Oh, to be a kid again!

  3. karmatir

    I’ve never seen these before, the bags that is, no matter what the character is.

    As luck would have it I only found these at one Target I needed to run into for something. Their Dollar Spot was ENTIRELY different than the other Targets I usually visit. I’m not surprised I’ve never seen them.

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