New: Ichiban Kan stuff has arrived!!

I got my order of Ichiban Kan stuff today! And it was still a little strange buying dollar store type stuff and having to open it all up from a box.

First off, the box was huge (20 inches x 10 1/2 inches x 14 inches)! They did a FABULOUS job packing…brown paper to stabilize and packing peanuts to fill it all in. It was also only a week, exactly, from the time of purchase to receipt. I am very happy! Now on to the good stuff!!

First up is a bag with sheep on it. Its made of that plastic, fabric type of stuff (no idea what that’s called!) is measures 6 inches deep at the base, 13 1/2 inches tall and 18 1/2 wide. The straps are short however and only have a 7 inch tall (from bag to center) opening – not enough to throw over your shoulder. But it should come in handy I think – I do like being as environmentally green as possible. And its cute!

Next up is a map of Japan in Japanese. Total impulse purchase. I thought it would be cool looking (not shown on their website). Its 23 inches wide and 33 inches long.

And I also bought some wrapping paper. It feels more like craft paper than wrapping paper, not a slick feeling paper at all. Only 21 inches wide and about 31 inches long. Only 2 sheets in a package. Another impulse purchase. No idea what I will do with them. But here they are!

And now the left over stuff before I get to the bento goodies. A purple mechanical pencil and a black pen – I figured why not? and I have a weakness for writing utensils, notebooks too but they were all sold out of notebooks by the time I ordered this stuff. Next to that is a good luck laughing cat bell, which my own cats promptly stole to play with! Its safely on my keys for now – lets see how long THAT lasts. And finally disposable tea bags – you just insert your own loose tea. Since I prefer loose, fresh, peppermint tea I figured this would be perfect when I am at work.

Now the bento goodies!!

There are monkey and rabbit Lube Sheep Clickety Click onigiri boxes. The top holds 550 ml and the bottom only 230 ml. I thought they were cute and I do bring onigiri to work with me, though not lately. Below those are 2 V Color utensil sets – I already have one that I bought on Ebay and use all the time, so I bought these for my mother and sister to use at work. I’m still trying to get them into bento – its slow but its working!

Next to those are some plastic sauce containers, two different types and different colors than what I current own. I figure I can never have enough. Below those are 2 metal containers with tight fitting lids (well at least from my test, I’m not sure about in the real world yet). Each holds about 300 ml (not labeled so this is a guess on my part). I was hoping to use these as side cars as needed. And of course then we have 2 elastic bands, the rabbit and the monkey to go with the previously mentioned boxes – or not. They are pretty cute and do match a lot of my stuff. 🙂

Finally a MAN’S bento box. Another Lube Sheep – Liberty – and is only the “A” section (top section) – it holds 450 ml in one box. There is a cool little divider in it though to make 2 sections. I bought it because it was decidedly NOT cute (some days cute is too much for me) and its a different style, type and size than anything I currently own. Let’s see how often I use it.

Whew. That was exhausting…but I love having new goodies to play with! Unfortunately for anyone else it looks like right at this moment Ichiban Kan is sold out of almost everything bento related. So we will have to see what gets restocked. But I will be buying again, and again and again, I’m sure!! I recommend it!

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