New purchases: Bento related

So I needed a few things and decided I had to go to my local Japanese market (Aki Oriental), which near as I can tell is the only Japanese market in all of Omaha. Over the last few months they have gotten in “stranger and stranger” items…items more closely resembling the kinds of things I need to prepare authentic bento. They now have an entire shelf of plastic rice molds and boxes. Including these gems, which I did NOT expect to find. I was very pleasantly surprised!!

more information and pictures after the jump…

Above are two “Conveence” packs. They have a diameter of 5 inches and are about 2 1/4 inches tall. Inside each are 2 half-circle sections. The box states that each section holds about 200 mL but when taken out it will contain about 610 mL total (I think – I don’t read Japanese but numbers are numbers especially when put in front of mL). They were US $1.50 each and I see so much potential for these little guys!

Next to them were a few other odds and ends plasticwares. Sandwich boxes and the like. All interesting but I had pretty much run out of money at this point. Next to all of them was this lone set of 2 boxes. No others on the shelf and only US $1.25. I have no idea what they really do (like I said I can’t read Japanese) but it does show someone reheating rice in them. They are the right size for the amount of rice I like to take and they are also the right size and height for sushi rolls (about 6 3/4 inches long by 3 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches tall and 270 mL capacity). They should serve me well I hope.


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