New: Foodie Shopping at a Camping Store

So I’ve needed a salt and pepper shaker for my bento stuff for awhile now. I’ve been putting it off for the simple reason that I LOVE LOVE *LOVE*camping stores. I knew that my local Bass Pro Shop would have what I needed (its closer to my home than all the others including Cabela’s my other favorite) I just had to work up the nerve to go.

‘Cause see when I’m in a camping store I look at EVERYTHING, even the stuff I don’t need. I can’t go into one of these stores and NOT look. I have to. I’m compelled. I love to camp and always figure there’s going to be something new and cool on the market to help with that. So I end up looking around for HOURS…no kidding. I was in Bass Pro for 3 hours for example.

I did get my needed salt and pepper shaker. Its 2 1/4 inches long by 3/4 of an inch across. The bottom red ends screw completely off to allow you to fill the containers and the center red support is just a piece of plastic that holds the whole thing together. Really ingenious. I had one before in my camping items but when I replaced it with something bigger I seemed to have lost this little item. Only US $1.79 plus tax.

The silverware was a lucky find. They are made by Peregrine Outfitters and are each about 5 1/2 inches long. They do fit into the top compartment of my Lube Sheep bento boxes very well, though a little snug. I don’t know how often I will honestly use them, but they *are* metal and I prefer metal silverware. Only US $2.99 plus tax.

Now my last find, a smoker bag. I already have a Cameron’s stovetop smoker – a wonderful little kitchen addition. I’ve had it for 4 years and it smokes beautifully! I have trouble finding the”powdered” wood chips used with it though and frequently run out before I get a chance to order more online. I spotted this bag made by Cameron’s and at US $3.99 I had to try it out.

Perfect results! Its like I had used my stovetop smoker instead! I highly recommend these…and the best part, they are just a foil bag, so no mess to clean up.

The best part about Bass Pro is their “decorating scheme”. With the food stuffs they tend to use vintage items as either display or accessories such as these vintage ovens holding candles that look like food.


I love this stuff!!

*(forgive the quality of the pics – all I had with me was my camera on my cell)*


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