New: Good Mail Day! New Bento Box!

So my mailman pounds on my door, sets this down and walks off, I open the door to find this squashed box practically open. Maybe it was checked at the border, who knows. But it was squashed, squished and crunched. Everything inside was just fine though.

What did I learn from this order? Not to get something from Jbox via Economy Air (SAL) instead of First Class Airmail (AIR). My previous order was only 9 days from date of order to receipt via AIR. This one was 4 weeks, to the day. Now its not like I didn’t know that going in, I most certainly did! I just hate waiting for things and the money difference for me wasn’t worth all the wait. I know that now. Anyway, on to what I bought!

Some monkey condiment cups with spoons and another Lube Sheep bento box set. Tenmari is the pattern name (or at least that is what Jbox says), I have also seen it called the Sakura pattern. This set came with the 2 tier box, insulated zippered bag, chopsticks with sliding case and a furoshiki (large cloth napkin or carrying cloth).


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