Review: Lock & Lock and Snapware boxes

I recently needed to acquired a few “sidecars” to help transport things a little easier. In the decision process I decided to go with Lock & Lock and Snapware boxes. They are more or less the same type of boxes, with latches on the sides and a rubber seal keeping all moisture in, just different production companies.

Lock & Lock – 600 ml/20 ounce/2.5 cup “sandwich” box
Snapware – 480 ml/16 ounce/2 cup box
However, I noticed a few key differences after playing with each type for awhile:
  1. Latches
    • Lock & Lock is noticeably more curved whereas the Snapware is very straight. The result is that the Lock & Lock’s latches sit closer to the box. Since I have thicker finger tips I have a more difficult time opening it than with the Snapware. But both boxes close very well and very tight and won’t come open unless pulled open.
  2. Matching tops & bottoms
    • The Snapware boxes have a very subtle block pattern on the tops and bottoms of their boxes so you just have to grab the matching patterns. Lock & Lock has no such designs or system of matching tops to bottoms.
  3. Lip on the interior of the box tops
    • Lock & Lock’s edging (the part that resides within the lip of the box) is noticeably shorter than Snapware’s. It makes placing the lid back on the box slightly more tricky but has no impact on its performance.
  4. Types of Boxes
    • Lock & Lock seems to have a greater variety of sizes as well as shapes, more so than Snapware.
  5. Shape of the boxes
    • Lock & Lock’s boxes are very straight up and down. They nest well together but they can’t sit on their own lids like its competitor. They also have “tabs” on the sides for the latches. Snapware’s boxes are tapered to the bottom. They seem to nest a little higher but all their boxes sit perfectly on its own upturned lid taking up less room when needed. The latches hook under a lip built on the outside of the box.
  6. Price & Availability
    • I have no idea if this is true anywhere else but here the Snapware boxes are cheaper than the Lock & Locks though they seem to be equally available everywhere.
  7. Location of production
    • Lock & Lock is made in China and Snapware is made in the USA.

Given all this I lean towards Snapware just because its made in the USA and is easier to open. But my Lock & Locks are not going anywhere and I will continue to buy them as well. They offer choices for shape and size that Snapware doesn’t have.


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3 responses to “Review: Lock & Lock and Snapware boxes

  1. We got some snapware containers, and they worked great first. We could marinate liquid upside down for days and none would leak out. As time went on, liquid would start to leak out. Then my mom visited and dropped one of the snapwares and broke it. She said the Lock and Lock is a better quality. She’s had Lock and Lock for years and always turns it upside down with liquids inside, and the liquid never leaks out. I’m not sure if I should switch now or if they are really comparable.

  2. millie

    I was given a couple of pieces of snapware & have been trying to find them everywhere. the lock & Lock look great on QVC,all the wonderful sizes & shapes,& not bad prices,but if you read the reviews…they are not leakproof time & after time. thanks so much for helping me make up my mind. I will go withthe snapware for the same reasons as you,and also the lock & lock when leaking is not an issue. thank for the help.

  3. karmatir

    I have now been using both of these boxes since March and both are just fine, I haven’t had leaking issues on either one…yet. I’m still waiting to see. And as for everyday usage I use my Lock & Lock sandwich box for sushi mostly. Its the perfect size. The Snapware is used mostly for desserts or moist foods too big for my regular bento boxes. I still like both but my original assessment of going with Snapware was correct for me. I still prefer that over the Lock & Lock.

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