New: Local Asian Store Purchases

Every time I shop in an Asian store weird stuff comes home with me. Sometimes really weird stuff but sometimes its the weird stuff that I have specifically been looking for. Other times its the stuff I *love* that normal people (whoever they are) find really weird. And rarely its the stuff my family will raise an eyebrow over.

Today, for instance, I went to a local store who apparently almost always has quail eggs and at US $1.50 for 10 too (New Asian Supermarket on 24th & L in Omaha if anyone is curious). Considering how I don’t really like large hard boiled eggs, and usually will make them and not pack them, this is fantastic! I’ve been told they taste exactly like chicken eggs just smaller. Will find out, I guess, when I boil up a few this week for my bentos.

Up next, my slow growing collection of POCKY (and a box of Pretz)! I had 2 more selections (Green Tea Marbled and Almond) but ate them before a picture could be produced. 🙂 From left to right we have the Dessert Pocky – so GOOD, SO much chocolate; Carmel flavored Marble Pocky – another SO good one; Regular plain chocolate Pocky; Green Tea Mousse Pocky – good but different; and finally a box of lemon honey Pretz – good even without the chocolate.

I also picked up some seafood (for sushi); umeboshi and sweet red bean paste that are going to make it into my onigiri for the new few weeks. Yum.

And while cruising down the plastics aisle at this particular store I spied a cutting board. Not just any cutting board but a bamboo one, about 15″ long, 10″ wide and 1″ thick. Its beautiful and will be showcased as my “backdrop” from now on. Its just that beautiful. But the best part? It was US $4.29. SCORE!

Last but not least I found the most bizarre stickers at a strange little shop down in the Old Market (a local shopping district). I have no idea what they say but obviously something about Yen (money) and sales and shopping. I thought they were cute though!


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