New: Interesting find at Target & Organization

I updated my storage more recently than this post – but I still use the same storage boxes. So please check it out!!

Over at Lunch in a Box Biggie has asked about how everyone organizes their bento goodies. I have very few items and accessories still, but I’m sure that will soon change!! I’d like to have an established system going for finding everything before I have to pull all my hair out in frustration!

I found this in the home organization section of Target (right next to the craft supplies). It is marked food safe on the bottom, but not microwave, freezer or dishwasher safe.

The top 2 layers (clear) are 62 oz/1.9 L/7.75 cups EACH. And the bottom blue layer is 30 oz/0.9 L/3.75 cups. Its approximately 9 inches long by 6 inches wide by 6 inches high.

Within the second layer the two (3) section boxes are completely removable and the lid for each is a solid piece, however it is NOT air tight. Price was US $6.99.

In the end I decided to buy 2 of these and have stacked them on top of one another for the purposes of organizing said bento goodies. What you can’t see in this picture are the labels I put on one end to identify what is inside. Yes, I am anal like that.

There is still plenty of room left for me to buy many more accessories. From left to right: egg and rice molds; empty sections (for now) and bamboo picks; condiment cups and bottles; food cups (paper, wax coated, aluminum and silicone); eating utensils and bags; baran and cutters.

I have since re-organized this a touch. The baran fits perfectly in a stack within one of the compartments, next to the food cups for now. And I reorganized the order of the layers to make packing my bentos a little easier.

At this time I only have one bento box; my second is coming in the mail from Japan as you read this. I also have a few food storage boxes (Lock & Lock and Snapware for example). They all sit stacked very easily on one shelf in my cupboard. But if I keep adding to the collection I guess I will have no choice but to buy the large box that compliments this medium size one. My standard Lube Sheep Urara 2-tier box, when collapsed, fits perfectly inside. I can imagine having enough room for 4 (with plenty of room for extras) to maybe 6 boxes, depending on size of course, in one layer. It will also be wonderful for molds, if those get to be a problem, leaving the little things in the smaller “medium” box. Retails at Target for US $9.99. Its approximately (I didn’t have a ruler so this is a guesstimate) 12 inches long by 9 inches wide by 8 or 9 inches high.



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3 responses to “New: Interesting find at Target & Organization

  1. That is just awesome! What a great idea!

    There are also all those “craft organizer boxes” that yo can find at craft stores!

    Of course, with my kitchen, I wouldn’t have space for the box! heheheh

    That’s brilliant though!


  2. karmatir

    Thank you! I choose to live in a 1940s apartment building, with the original cabinetry – which has TONS of vertical space (over 22″ in one) and almost zero horizontal space. So whenever I can build up, I do!

  3. That’s a great idea! Vertical storage is awesome! I think I better head to Target to check them out myself!

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