New: Silicone "Bento" Cups

I don’t remember which website someone commented about these on, but I heard about them and had to have some. They are $1 Target (the Target Spot “dollar” area) silicone Easter baking cups. Four Targets and two days later I have one set of 6 cups. One. I would have preferred another set or two just in case. I’d like to save my coated paper cups from Japan for other things, not to mention what a waste on the environment the paper cups can be.

These are, however, VERY thin and collapse beautifully in a bento box. Can’t wait to try them this week. And frankly for a buck they are much better on the pocketbook than some of the “authentic” ones from Japan.



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3 responses to “New: Silicone "Bento" Cups

  1. Yvo

    Awesome! I’m due for a trip to target soon anyway! And the thicker silicone ones can also be had at Bed Bath & Beyond (which, in my neck of the States, seems to frequently be next to Target). 🙂

  2. I’ve been looking for cups to go in my boxes! Are these mini- or regular-sized?

  3. karmatir

    Regular size. But good luck finding them!! I haven’t had any luck since finding these, and I’ve looked. I did buy a set of the Wilton ones at Bed, Bath and Beyond – $8 for 12 (cheaper with a coupon). And those are slightly thicker but also work wonderfully.

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