Bento #5: Odds & Ends

I am absolutely starving today. No idea why, so I’m packing more for my lunch/dinner tonight than usual.

2 crab filled onigiri using my new rice mold
hard boiled egg molded into a star, sorta (eggs were too small)
tomato wedges
a fish container of balsamic vinegar for tomatoes
a small container of hot sauce for the tamagoyaki


Tahitian Vanilla and plain chocolate Pocky

a daifuku (red bean rice cake)

I’ve also got the mandatory dried mangoes and rice cakes along with some pink lemonade to drink.

I hated the daifuku. I tried to like it; I really like red bean paste. But there was something about this “cake” that I hated. It was mushy and sticky and too much of a good thing I think. Never again.

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