New: Some Goodies from Japan!

Last week I purchased a few things from Jbox for my bento-ing. I couldn’t find any of this stuff locally and finally broke down and bought it all online. It was fun getting it though! It was shipped via airmail and from the time of purchase to receipt was only 9 days. Not bad at all. Excellent service and packaging! Yup, even some Japanese ads as filler. And the selection has been fantastic. I’d like to buy almost everything they sell!

From left to right, top: rice mold (small rectangular size – used in sushi mostly); crane and sakura blossoms printed, coated paper cups; Hello Kitty condiment cups; and decorative partition (or sushi) grass.

From left to right, bottom: boiled egg molds (heart and star); onigiri rice mold; and mini sauce bottles.

Of all this I was most looking forward to the sauce cups and bottles and the onigiri rice mold. I’ve been making due with mini ketchup bottles I found in a local deli but they are just too big (and glass!) for a lot of things. These smaller ones should do the trick. And it means I can bring hot sauce with my bento goodies. Perfect! And as for the onigiri, sure I can make mine by hand but I am just not that good at it and the triangles will fit better in my boxes.

Late last week (Friday), before even receiving this stuff, I also placed another order for some monkey condiment cups (with spoon spreaders) and another bento box. Should be shipped today sometime. Can’t wait!


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