Review: the Light my Fire Spork

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My previous mention of my purchase of a “silverware” set spurred me to post this. I have seen many people suggest these for use instead. I have a few that I use exclusively for camping and have for a year now. It has draw backs.

1. The knife is useless. Its slightly less “sharp” then the edge of a metal fork. Mostly it just threatens to cut your tongue. Which hurts when it does eventually happen.
2. The knife portion is backwards if you are right handed. Its difficult to use.
3. The shape of the spoon is perfect for use, but the curve makes using the fork awkward. Its also slightly bulky feeling.
4. You must clean it each time you switch between knife, fork or spoon or else you end up with food on your hand.
5. No chopsticks, obviously, which I prefer when eating noodles.

But again its perfect for camping for all these reasons! I eat very specific foods that I reserve just for camping, and it works beautifully. But its too much work with the foods I eat in my bento everyday. There are also far less pieces to keep track of on site when camping. I love using them for the few days a year when I do go camping, but everyday in my bento would get on my nerves.


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