Tips: Some Things to Make Life Easier

Just Bento, an amazing blog where I have learned more than I ever believed possible about bento, has a weekly bento planner pdf that appeals to my obsessive compulsive organizational nature. I have been having trouble organizing what to have for the week and am usually running around at the last minute. I *despise* doing that. I admit I changed mine somewhat to reflect the actual days I work just so it was easier on me, as well as printed it to fit inside my day planner but this has been amazing at keeping me organized.

Definitely a worthy addition!

I also have heard (through Lunch in a Box) that Ichiban Kan is opening an online store as of April 1! Ichiban Kan is basically similar to a 100 Yen (or dollar) store in Japan and operates in the San Fransisco area. I have never visited but have heard many wonderful things. Now maybe I will have another resource for my Bento and Japanese things.


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