New: Acquired Items

I received my first ever authentic (from Japan) Bento Box today! Until now I’d been faking it with Rubbermaid, Glad and the like. And just in time for work tomorrow night too. It’s smaller than I imagined but I’m not surprised. I knew it was small. Bought from Sakura Zakka Shop on Ebay.

I’ve also created an oshibori, basically a permanent wet nap made from a thin cotton wash rag and a plastic carrying case if you intend to take it with you. I wish I would have known about these before now, how handy! And I love how environmentally friendly it is. Some of the tips suggest spraying it with rose water or lemon juice and keeping it in the freezer for the summer, and warm in the winter. Pure luxury from something so small!

I created mine using tips from Lunch in a Box. These are those “magic towels”, the kind that come compact in some sort of plastic wrapped shape, you place it in hot water and suddenly you have a full size “towel” (washcloth) with decoration ($1 at Dollar Tree). They are very thin however, much thinner than a regular wash cloth and fit into a travel soap dish container (from Target) very easily. And I know Dollar Tree sells them continuously throughout the year with different designs for each season or holiday. I did try using baby washcloths but didn’t like how much water they held (at least the ones I bought). The baby washcloths also fit perfectly into little plastic Easter eggs.

I also just purchased a “silverware” set, though haven’t received it yet. Again, this goes back to my obsessive compulsive tendencies. I like everything having a spot to be in so that’s its easier to find it later. Bought from Island Worlds on Ebay.

And for something helpful a pdf file on the Ministry of Japan’s website on “How to use Furoshiki

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  1. lalabananas

    The oshibori you created is so cute!! Good job!

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