New: What happens when I go shopping

So this is what happens when I go to an Asian market or the organic supermarket, I come home with unusual-never-tried-before items or items you can’t find anywhere else and have no idea how to live without them.

For example, in the upper left is Uncle Pop’s milk flavored puffed rice cakes. So good! And such a great snack. I can’t keep this in the cupboard! Next to it is probably my favorite dried food on the planet, dried mangoes. Sweet, yet not too sweet.

In front of these are Strawberry Cakes (cookies) from Taiwan. I’ve also tried the honeydew melon flavor but personally prefer the strawberry. Not that melon is bad I just do not like honeydew melon much. I recall seeing cantaloupe at one time but haven’t seen them in some time. They are basically a shortbread cookie with a ribbon of flavored paste in the center. Not bad but leave a funky aftertaste so I always have to wash it down with something.

Then there is “instant” Udon. These, like its sibling ramen, are my lifeblood. I’m not sure what I would eat if I could not get ahold of these.

In front in the container is probably one of the strangest things I have ever bought. Its shredded nori that has been sugared and topped with sesame seeds. Its very good. Its better on rice or on pancakes.


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